welcome to flawblog!

Hello Flawed World!

Greetings and Salutations,

After fooling around with GoDaddy and WordPress for a number of days, I finally have this site working and am tremendously excited!

So let’s get right to it – my vision for flawblog is based on a simple concept:

I want to try and point out what I see to be flaws in the world, be it from politicians, corporations, movements, media outlets, and others who make an impact in our society.

There are a few things critical in this vision.

1. Definitions – Whether we are describing class warfare, apartheid, or abortion, definitions are critical in the analysis of these sensitive issues. I will do my best to find the most universally accepted definitions of some of these terms, but also question why others are defined as they are.

2. Nonpartisan – Flaws know no bias. I will be just as happy to point out the flaw and errors in George W. Bush’s presidency as I would in Barack Obama’s. I would be just as willing to attack firms on Wall Street as I would certain Occupy Movements.

3. No judgement – or at least minimal. Terms like ‘terrorist’, ‘radical’, and ‘socialist’, are thrown around too often in our society as a means of distancing us from people who may have different opinions. Even ‘communist’ is starting to come back in style. A person who happens to have an opinion wildly different from yours need not be called a radical.

Shall we end with a cliche quote? Sure, why not.

“All creatures are flawed, but out of the flaw may come the universe.”
– Marguerite Young




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